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About Matt Gabel

We all have those moments in time that can have the power to define and shape us as individuals.  Mine started in the summer of 1994. I had just graduated high school and was enjoying summer vacation in the picturesque and mosquito-infested marshlands of Parris Island, South Carolina.  I was 19 years old and was in the thick of boot camp. I was completing the confidence stretching “Stairway to Heaven” which is a giant, 30-foot ladder of logs that all Marine Corps recruits are required to climb. I am not by any means a large guy at less than 5’ 8” I was the smallest guy in my platoon, and my drill instructors were quick to remind me of my height challenges. As I reached the top, the drill instructor (who was straddling the very top of the ladder of logs) leaned down to me and said, “I’m not so sure you want this Gabel. Do you really have the determination, or are you going to settle for average?”  Those words became a life-defining moment for me because I knew then, just as I have known every day thereafter, that I never wanted to just be average.

While my drill instructor was speaking in the present about the Confidence Course I believe he was also speaking figuratively about my life as a whole. Little did he know that up to that point I had been told by many that my expectations were “too high” and that I needed to “lower my standards” – basically be average.

Here’s the thing – If I had lowered my standards, or accepted just being “average” I wouldn’t be where I am today – married to an incredible woman, father to a beautiful little girl, and getting to go into work every day feeling fulfilled with what I do.

I became an entrepreneur at just 21 years of age, and I did it how all entrepreneurs start – without a clue how to do it, or what to expect. The one thing I had was my determination to be above average. I had successes and failures, and while the failures hurt, I was not going to let them define me, in fact, I was going to use them to make me even better.

Diamonds and fine diamond jewelry is a market that I came into by chance more than 10 years ago, and one that I have become incredibly passionate about. When I say that I love what I do, I am honored to say that I really mean it. Without question, it has taken me some time to find my true passion, but my determination to never settle has lead me to the amazing business I am blessed to run with my amazing partner and wife, Anne.

This passion, this drive to be better than average is what I bring to the table for my clients. I never want someone to accept less than they deserve for their pieces of fine jewelry, and I always strive to get them the best price available in the marketplace. Every company claims to be the best, and to get you the best price, but are they really following through on that promise?

Don’t settle for average. My team and I exist to bring you the most for your diamond jewelry, no exceptions. Let me show you how.

Matt at Twentynine Palms, CA

Philosophy / Mission

As a jewelry professional who has a true appreciation for the details of fine jewelry, I am here to assist my clients in achieving the highest value possible when they are ready to part with their jewelry pieces. I am here to help make the process of selling your fine jewelry a seamless and gratifying experience. It is my goal to always offer an honest valuation of your jewelry pieces, and the best solutions available to sell them.


Matt has been working within the diamond & jewelry trade for going on ten years and has a plethora of knowledge in luxury jewelry and diamonds.  He is in-tune with the international markets for high-end luxury jewelry, signed pieces, large carat diamonds, and is ideally poised to help assist his clients in selling such pieces.


Since Matt has fine-tune his relationships within the diamond and jewelry industry over the years, he is ready and willing to help clients who are interested in adding a new treasure to their current collection. If he does not have what you are looking for within his current collection, he will be more than happy to help locate whatever you are searching for.

Signature Services

Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings

Diamonds speak louder than words, and nothing says “I love you” more than a diamond engagement ring. I am here to walk you through an honest and transparent path to finding the perfect engagement ring.



As a GIA graduate, and certified appraiser, Matt is qualified to write insurance appraisals for both new and older jewelry pieces. We always advise our clients to get a third-party appraisal for any new jewelry purchase.



Have a diamond or gemstone ring you don’t wear anymore because of the style? Lost a diamond earring, and now only have one?



As much as we all love our jewelry, overtime that love shows. All wears down overtime and can break. It is always a good ideal to have a professional check your prongs and claps on occasion to protect you from losing a stone.

Consulting for Attorneys & Professionals

Consulting for Attorneys & Professionals

Matt works directly with attorneys, administrators, fiduciaries, and other professionals who are seeking guidance on behalf of their clients.

Jewelry Acquisition

Jewelry Acquisition

Since Matt’s background in the diamond industry began as a GIA Graduate who became a master diamond buyer, she is ideally poised to help individuals sell their unused fine jewelry pieces, in addition, to help guide people looking to add to their jewelry boxes.

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